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National Week of Action To Demand Bold Steps for Putting People Back to Work

Hundreds of unemployed workers participate in community forums and march for jobs for America now

For Immediate Release: Monday, March 01, 2010
Contact: Germonique R. Ulmer: 202-339-9331

Washington–As Congress continues the process of taking up a jobs bill hundreds of members of the Jobs for America Now coalition kick off a national week of action today to build broad-base public support for a robust plan to put people back to work.  With record unemployment rates and double digit numbers in communities of color, current proposals coming from Washington lack the boldness needed to adequately address the job crisis.

“Current proposals out of Washington do not go far enough to fundamentally alter the dire jobless crisis we face today,” said Alan Charney, campaign manager for Jobs for America Now. “Millions of people are out of work and are at the end of their rope and need government intervention that historically has helped lift this country out of deep joblessness. Only a big and bold effort by the federal government that includes job creation, infrastructure investments, fiscal relief for states and expanded unemployment benefits can extricate us from this economic and moral crisis.”

Community organizations are ready for Congress to push forward on comprehensive jobs legislation. Just as the week of action begins today, hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers will start loosing their critical unemployment benefits.  Unemployment insurance and COBRA benefits that were part of the Recovery Act’s aid to the jobless received a limited two month extension late last year, which expired February 28.

“Every day we see the desperation this crisis is causing America’s families,” said Charney. “People are tired of the gridlock and incremental solutions.  People want action on the same scale as the problems they’re facing.”

More than 50 events are planned in 25 states including Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California through March 8 that will bring the voices of unemployed workers into the debate. Some of the events include a community forum in Orlando and a march in Providence, R.I., all of which deliver an urgent message of political leaders about moving forward on a jobs plan that would put people back to work immediately. (See list of events.)


Jobs for America Now is a nationwide campaign of more than sixty groups organizing to put America back to work. For a complete list of participating organizations visit